Get the first module of our Counselling Course for free, no obligations whatsoever.
This counselling course is run by Ulla and Erik Sandersen who each have over 30 years of experience as teachers and counsellors helping people overcome obstacles and develop themselves in areas such as overcoming trauma, stress, bereavement, depression, relationships, marriage, careers, family and much more. Erik's experience is very practical with his uncommon success dealing with problem teenagers as a school teacher while Ulla's is more academic with a masters degree in psychology. While both have extensive training in all areas of therapy. This home-study counselling course is highly accessible and can be studied entirely in your own time and pace through Starbridge's industry leading eLearning system. [ Read more ]
Get the first module for free, no obligations whatsoever.
Get the first module for free, no obligations whatsoever.
Get the first module of our Transpersonal Counselling Course for free, no obligations whatsoever.
Do you want to learn more about the deeper transpersonal aspects of the psyche? Have you got a feeling that the conventional explanations are missing something deeper? Then Starbridge's transpersonal counselling course might just be what you've been looking for! This transpersonal counselling course will help you better understand how many phenomena are interlinked with laws such as the law of resonance, karma, reincarnation and much more. A small sample of the topics covered include tantra, meditation, chakras, yoga, the aura, dharma, kundalini and enlightenment. The course will leave you with a sense of awe at the way everything is interlinked and reveal some surprising insights about things like traumas. [ Read more ]
Get the first module for free, no obligations whatsoever.
Get the first module for free, no obligations whatsoever.
Music is at the centre of everything. Life has its rhythms, the body has it's cycles and so it follows that music can have a powerful effect on the way you feel, whether it is to make you happy, sad, angry or just tapping to the beat. If you agree with this then you might just find Starbridge's Music Therapy course to be the perfect next step in your personal or career development. The course is taught by Erik Sandersen who has over 30 years of experience as a counsellor and teacher who's primarily tool is using music together with meditative exercises in a group setting. This music therapy course can be completed entirely in your own time at and your own pace. [ Read more ]
Get the first module for free, no obligations whatsoever.
Get the first module for free, no obligations whatsoever.
Are you a spiritual healer? Ever tried Reiki or any other forms of energy healing? Then you'll be interested in Starbridge's new form of spiritual healing using a safe yet incredibly powerful technique that works by creating a resonance between the chakra's and positive archetypes. In fact, this spiritual healing course enables you to study it in your own pace and from the comfort of your own home through Starbridge's easy to use online learning system, just click on one of the buttons to to get started and you could be getting your first introductory email 2 minutes from now. [ Read more ]
Get the first module for free, no obligations whatsoever.
Get the first module for free, no obligations whatsoever.
Dreams are a phenomena that at all times puzzle people. Dreams can be thought of like a radar constantly scanning the personality in order to reveal unbalances and attempt to correct and counter balance imbalances in the psyche. You can learn to cooperate with this extraordinary tool for insights into your psyche, making dreams a powerful tool for self understanding and self development - sometimes even higher guidance and life altering premonitions. This dream interpretation course will teach you about how dreams work, what they mean and how you can interpret them. [ Read more ]
Get the first module for free, no obligations whatsoever.
Get the first module for free, no obligations whatsoever.
Everyone will at some point have to deal with the topic of death and dying personally; whether faced with the prospect themselves or when losing a loved one it is something we cannot avoid. So what happens after we die? Does anything happen? And how do you help a person or their family and friends who are going through such a traumatic time? This death and dying course will help you answer these important questions by covering the perspectives on death and dying from the major religions, along with topics such as prayer vigils, ethics, the use of music, near death experiences, what happens up to the moment of death and after death; the significance of living a noble life. [ Read more ]
Get the first module for free, no obligations whatsoever.
Get the first module for free, no obligations whatsoever.
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Starbridge is an innovative provider of learning and self development services including courses, workshops, counselling, coaching, mentoring and eLearning.

With over 30 years of experience dedicated to empowering people like you with the tools you need to reach your potential; Starbridge has been around long enough to learn what works in the field of human development using techniques and approaches that come from a wide area of disciplines.

This diverse background enables Starbridge to take a practical approach to helping you get to where you want to be rather than attempting to shoehorn you into a particular theoretical model.


2017 seems to be a year where a lot will happen. For this reason our 2017 program is only for 1/2 year.

It can be downloaded from here:


sun in you bookThe Sun has always been a symbol of the higher Self, and this beautifully illustrated book shows how the Sun and the higher Self has light as common nature, and how light in its purest form is consciousness, life and love.
It offers a meeting point between esoteric wisdom and modern physics: the truth that everything - the physical world, nature, the universe and ourselves - are made of photons, light.

tarot ebookThe message in the crucifixion and resurrection is loud and clear: There is not such a thing as absolute death - there is always a rebirth after a death.
Of course - this is more obvious when we understand it symbolically and not literally. The cruel nature of the crucifixion can also be seen as a reminder of how hard it can be to develop oneself; a theme that sometimes is mirrored in the art.

tarot ebook

By now most of you are probably aware of tarot cards so there’s no real need for us to go through a lengthy description of them and instead get straight down to the point, our new book that vividly illustrates how you can start using them in ways that allow you to reach new and exciting depths while working with them.


Are you longing home? Your home is inside you, it is your connectedness with the deeper forces of cosmos. These entities [the symbols in our book] are your friends; they are mirrors representing ways in which you can come home.

bardo ebook

It is with great joy that we present you our Ebook, “Liberation through Resonance in the Bardo”, based on a series of 9 pictures. Originally these pictures were introduced as part of a seven month’s course in 2004 at Starbridge Centre, about how to help a person who has died or who is dying.

kalachakra ebook

Through the many years we have been running workshops, teaching courses and seeing clients we’ve gone through a lot of changes.

As we’ve slowly migrated away from traditional therapeutic models that focus only on what’s wrong, what happened in the past and moved through a gradual shift towards the transpersonal aspects of psychology, a focus on meditative techniques were you work with the present, a methodology where you work on building the right resonances in your psyche, rather than dwelling on the negative, and the past.

Videos & DVDs

kalachakra dvd

Now Available! The Kalachakra meditations on this DVD guide you through a series of contemplations, each of them are in their own right powerful bridges between our everyday self and our Higher Self.

When taken together the contemplations create a simple, safe and powerful path for beginners and advanced meditators alike to making genuine meditation experiences more and more likely

dharma dvd

The Path of Dharma is a series of 20 pictures, drawn through meditative guidance that each have their own unique contemplation. Working with these will help you to reconnect with your inner core, your unspoilt inner child, the real ‘YOU’, that sense of fulfilment, the things that feel right for you.

The system does not contradict what - beautifully - is taught in books and scriptures; because instead of an outer ideal, instead of telling you how things work, you will steadily achieve inner experiences that enable you to see what is right for YOU.

Telephone Counselling

Via telephone/Skype

Counselling helps you tackle a wide range of issues discretely at the pace and schedule that suites you.

Erik Sandersen

Here at Starbridge Centre we recognize the diverse needs of our clients and have over 30 years helped countless individuals and couples solve issues that have been affecting their lives

We are no longer open for everyone, individual counselling sessions at Starbridge Centre
are reserved for participants enrolled in group work (regardless if the group has happened yet or not).

Counselling Consultations

At our centre / on-site

At Starbridge Centre we offer counselling in many different forms, being it counselling / psychotherapy / mentoring / spiritual guidance. The counselling is available over the telephone or Skype or as face to face counselling at our centre in Research.


On site or via telephone/Skype

Maybe you have many years of experience , maybe you are a beginner, just about finishing your counselling course.

Having a supervisor, a mentor in the field that can help you through difficult patches and point out minefields in dealing with particular clients or issues. This is in patches simply necessary and can often be extremely valuable.

Spiritual Coaching and Mentoring

On site or via telephone/Skype

The idea of this program is in a systematic and in-depth way, and at the same time with you firmly in charge,  to help you utilise and overcome your strengths and your not-so strengths on your spiritual journey, and thus help you move closer to your spiritual purpose.

Ulla's Paintings