The picture shows a sunrise which at the same time is an awakening eye. It is the “rainbow bridge”, a a safe bridge from the ego to the higher Self.

The sun, representing the higher Self, is rising over a green earth, and as a greeting from higher worlds it is spreading its nourishing rays over the sea of green vegetation beneath. There is a dynamic dance going on between the etheric forces in nature and the sun, bringing health and vitality to everything. The many white reflections of the sun in the green foliage are giving the whole scenery an almost impressionistic character.

But even if the sun is shining and the lush green forest looks peaceful, remember that there is a fierce battle of life and death going on underneath the surface. In the forest animals are eating animals, plants are competing for the sun light, all creatures are fighting for survival. This is an inevitable part of life, of nature – and symbolically speaking also of a human ego as a contrast to the higher Self, the sun.

A lens of multicoloured squares above the sun makes it look like an eye. This bridge meets a beautiful, rose pink higher space - the nature of which is compassion, bestowing the traveller and his or her efforts with grace.

The luminious bridge, the antakarana as it is also called, is essentially life force in a dance between our soul and our physical aspects. It is a passage, gradually built as a result of a long term awakening process. This bridge built of pixels in all the colours of the rainbow is a “chord” achieved because every experience in human life, (symbolised by the seven levels of consciousness - in accordance with the seven colours of the chakra system) - has been looked into, but not necessarily entered into. A strong integrity and grounding has been established; that is why the rainbow bridge is the most safe way to higher consciousness..

In higher consciousness truth is seen unhindered, both that which is within and that which is in the world. In order to safely reach higher consciousness, there must be a readiness to see truth because otherwise the risk is that you will see what you are not ready to see, that which drastically exceeds the flexibility of your mind.


Start in the base chakra, and move upwards chakra by chakra to the heart chakra;

Or start in the heart chakra and without leaving the heart chakra, contact the base chakra.

Then be aware of your heart chakra and simultaneous look with a relaxed gaze at the picture.

(Be aware of the horizontal compassion and the vertical Higher Consciousness, and that these two in fact are one).