Starbridge Centres 2014 program is out

Starbridge Centres 2014 program

It is with great pleasure we invite you to this years program

continuing the beautiful work with light we started in 2013

The 2014 program is this time collected as one pdf:


Starbridge Centres 2014 program is here!
Last year’s pilot project - Awaken To Your Inner Light was quite a success.
In this years program we continue the unfolding and integration of this powerful way of working.
All our courses are weekend courses, and all of them include the Friday night, even if we know that that may be just after finishing work. As much as we understand this is hard, it will allow the Saturday and Sunday to be much more productive because the group have had these few hours and a nights sleep to start the process

We have two one-weekend courses, one 6-weekend course and one 4-weekend course:

  •     Earth Healing Your integrity Weekend course. 
  •     The Sun, the Kalchakra and You Awakening To Your Inner Light. 6 weekends, 
  •     Magic Music - Magic Light Weekend course
  •     Egypt Buddha and Christ Building blocks to the Self 4-weekend courses

Reading our program you will see that light plays a pivotal role in all our courses.
Paramahansa Yogananda sums up the reason for this in this quote: “Consciousness and light are the same, except that light is of greater density"

A couple of snippets from feedback we received from last years Awakening to your inner light course illustrate the power of this way of working:

The Light penetrates deeply, profoundly, to depths unfathomable” (…Erik Nov. 2013).   Following the workshops, there is a Witness in the intimacy of this penetration present in dream after dream – a Witness still present on awakening.   As the day progresses I just have to ‘remember’ – and the Witness is there.   It feels exquisite and exudes a sense of delight…”sitting at the feet of whatever is happening in a sense of delight” (….Erik Nov. 2013).



What stays with me is that the format of 6 weekends a month apart allowed a real depth of process to happen, far more so than individual weekends from my experience […] It ‘held me’ and helped me orient myself to deeper places throughout the series as I am finding it more and more difficult to keep the spiritual focus alive as the collective energy gets more and more ungrounded, racy and grasping at momentary forms of gratification to allay the i inevitable panic that awareness of our dire circumstances globally will trigger.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 6 weekend workshop series & the group energy that continued on between each of the workshops. It is a nurturing & supportive place to be, & a nurturing & supportive place to explore issues & expand awareness. Just participating is like ‘coming home’! I felt a part of some very deep work & insights are still being uncovered in this post workshop period.

Upon reflection on the 6 workshop series "Awakening to Your Inner Light" I felt the effect on me was most challenging but ultimately rewarding. I found I had to face my underlying pessimistic attitude, as if the spotlight was shining at my blind spot all the time.
I am glad I can say now I have resolved to put all my energy into whatever I do wholeheartedly. I will remind myself to remember the Divine Light in me always.
I am very grateful for your sincere concern, love and compassion. Thank you for your invaluable teaching and guidance.
Love + Respect, Anonymous

How do you sum up a life changing process in a few words? How can one truly describe a very personal and sacred journey?
During these 6 Awakening to your Inner Light workshops, we were gently and lovingly shepherded on a journey through the chakras, illuminating the precious potentials contained within. Meditations with light were the beacons we carried, as we moved through our energy centres and areas of trauma and tension held in our bodies. Our qualities were highlighted and acknowledged, supported by the group.Erik’s constant and sensitive guidance meant that as participants, we felt safe in sharing even our most vulnerable aspects, and he all times respected how far we wished to go.
The meditations with light worked deeply to cleanse, move energy, transform and uplift, from our most grounded aspects to our higher qualities.
Erik’s choice of music enhanced the particular focus of each weekend and his uncanny understanding and insight into our dreams, provided us with further clarity often a focus for further meditation and healing.
Ullas inspirational painting of the Sun, "The Portal", was the focus and visual portrayal of the very light energy or higher consciousness we worked with for the 6 weekends.
I have been touched deeply by this series of workshops. all that I might have held askance a year ago - my love of the Divine, my higher qualities, my sense of purpose and my wish to serve humanity as humbly as I can, is now part of me, part of my DNA, my inner light.
I highly recommend this series of workshops, and I thank Erik and Ulla deeply, through their love of mankind, their dedication to service, their integrity and living their own qualities, that we can all benefit from their very high qualities, uplifting teaching and support. They are both truly working for the upliftment of mankind and this Earth.

The 2014 program is this time collected as one pdf, just click on this link and it will download on your computer:

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