Kalachakra - The Wheel of Time - an Empowering Journey

Our latest book, Kalachakra the Wheel of Time – an Empowering Journey, are for sale for the token price of $10 per download/ $20 for the printed softcover version. So if you are interested, the links are to the right of this text.

Through the many years we have been running workshops, teaching courses and seeing clients we’ve gone through a lot of changes. As we’ve slowly migrated away from traditional therapeutic models that focus only on what’s wrong, what happened in the past and moved through a gradual shift towards the transpersonal aspects of psychology, a focus on meditative techniques were you work with the present, a methodology where you work on building the right resonances in your psyche, rather than dwelling on the negative, and the past.
The people that have been using our technique since the beginning tell us how over time things that used to have a huge impact, used to make them angry or sad, started to become a choice instead of an automatic reaction.

Having seen the power of using Ulla’s paintings, which actually are visual representations of archetypes as a tool for meditative contemplation we continued developing this line of work, creating the "Liberation through resonance in the bardo series" and the "Path of Dharma" series.
(for more on archetypes see On line Counselling course module 2 lesson 6 or the article on our website: http://www.starbridge.com.au/en/articles/2007/03/19/what-are-archetypes.htm).

And we introduced our own healing system that works with archetypes, a system that’s inherently safe both because the client him or herself is intuitively (though indirectly) selecting the points to be worked on and because only safe combinations of chakra’s and archetypes are allowed.
As you may know Erik’s been running experiential workshops since the mid 1970’s, utilising music as a tool for change that allows people to let go of issues and experience on the spot change through his expert guidance and the profound energy and atmosphere he is able to generate through exercises and music.
And as anyone that’s been on his workshops over the last few years can attest to, the integration of Ulla’s paintings and Starbridge’s new focus on the present rather than the past has taken things to a much higher level.

With the success of our Initiation workshop series last year and the successful launch of Erik’s Spiritual Mentoring service we’ve now fully implemented our path as mentors facilitating spiritual growth and personal development parallel with our usual counselling.

And with the completion of Ulla’s Kalachakra picture, which is definitely one of her highest tasks so far, along with the launch of our new Kalachakra workshops we thought it was fair to explain why we’re using the Kalachakra name and what it means to our line of work.

Yet before we do its worth noting that looking back over the years, everything we have done from the moment Ulla painted her first meditative painting up until the present has in some way been related to the teachings Kalachakra, a coincidence this is not! Kalachakra means "Wheel of time".

There are 3 types of time, outer, normal, clock time, inner, biological time and alternative time. Outer and inner time are both connected to cosmic cycles, Alternative time refers to the fact that in higher states of consciousness, there is a now, rather than time - duration.
In a nutshell this is the span from everyday consciousness over inner awareness to higher consciousness.

We ask you to treat The Kalachakra book with respect, its not some rehashed ebook everybody with an email list is giving out for free these days, its the translation into words of an ancient technique that we have the tremendous honour of being able to work with.

PLEASE NOTE that we do NOT intend to compete, contradict or otherwise inroad on the territory of religions, philosophy’s or other paths such as Buddhism that have traditionally worked with the Kalachakra teaching.
We have been guided to produce this work, and merely offer it, along with the very profound techniques contained within in the hope that it can help you in some way, whether it be empowering you to make a change or anything else that is right appropriate for the path you are on.

And we ask that you extend to us this same respect and tell us how you find it, letting us know if you have any questions and making us aware if you come across any of those ‘danish’isms’ that have plagued us since we got here.

With the sincere hope that this book and the techniques contained within and able to assist you to grow spiritually and develop personally,

Ulla & Erik Sandersen