Liberation Through Resonance in The Bardo

It is with great joy that we present you our Ebook, “Liberation through Resonance in the Bardo”, based on a series of 9 pictures. Originally these pictures were introduced as part of a seven month’s course in 2004 at Starbridge Centre, about how to help a person who has died or who is dying.

The purpose of these pictures is to reach out and help those loved ones that have died, but also to help other people that have recently died even if we did not personally know them. The pictures can be used by one person or by a group, meditating together.

The descriptions and instructions throughout the book are deliberately kept ‘to the point’. The raw feelings of anybody that has a death or a dying one close to home, is obvious, but as helper it is important that you try to focus on compassion, not the hurting.

The pictures, the insight behind them and how to use them, are explained in the following; so here we will just add that we feel it a great privilege – and a great urgency – in being able to present you this practical manual in how to help someone who otherwise would be beyond your reach. These pictures and their contemplations can be of help not only for those who are already dead, but also for the rest of us who are well and alive.

The pictures are painted meditatively in water colour during 2003 by Ulla Sandersen in close cooperation with her husband Erik Sandersen. The text is written, likewise meditatively, by Ulla and Erik together.

If you still have any doubts about this material we invite you to try out the power of these pictures by clicking on our on line meditation Liberation through Ressonance in the Bardo

Actually we’re pricing this book so that you can easily use the techniques, because we believe not least when it comes to death and dying the most important thing is to help as many people as possible.