Tarot Contemplations

By now most of you are probably aware of tarot cards so there’s no real need for us to go through a lengthy description of them and instead get straight down to the point, our new book that vividly illustrates how you can start using them in ways that allow you to reach new and exciting depths while working with them.

The illustrated 61 pages booklet describes the archetypes and the rich symbolism in the 22 major arcana cards, condensed into a guided contemplation for each. The cards are taken from two of the most common TAROT decks, the RIDER TAROT by Arthur Waite, and the MAGICANS TAROT by Oswald Wirth. The text also includes directions for two different lay-outs for the cards.

Maybe as your sitting there, looking at this monitor, letting your eyes follow the text you may begin to ask yourself how your experience with tarot cards would improve if you discovered an exciting new technique that allowed you to gain even greater insight from them.

So as your thinking about tarot cards, maybe wondering how an exciting new way of working with them could help you, you can sprinkle a little bit of excitement all over what you read because that’s exactly what we’re offering you. A book that condenses both Ulla and Erik’s combined knowledge over 26 years of using tarot cards into a straight forward and accessible guide that’s been both validated and created through the help of their spiritual guidance.

And as you ponder what such a neat book could do for the accuracy of your tarot readings and get increasingly excited over the possibilities you’ll begin to see yourself using them now and hear the delighted reactions from your clients and friends as you give them a tarot reading with your exciting new knowledge.

Since you are interested in tarot and learning even more about how to apply the wisdom inherent in them to your life then now would be a perfect time to take advantage of the opportunity that Ulla and Erik are presenting to you in the form of these condensed realizations that Ulla and Erik have learnt in the field of tarot over the past 26 years.

Our book is made available to you in the form of an ebook that you can download through our online education system because we’re not only giving you this great resource for $10 AUD, we’re also giving you unlimited free support via our forums.

We’re confident that before you close your browser today you will either invest in our book or make the decision to learn from it; either way, the most important thing is that you become thoroughly aware of the exciting new possibilities this tarot book presents you with. Were we right?