The Path of Dharma

“Are you longing home? Your home is inside you, it is your connectedness with the deeper forces of cosmos. These entities [the symbols in our book] are your friends; they are mirrors representing ways in which you can come home.”


The Path of Dharma



Basically our new method of working with self improvement that we call Ascension works with this series of transformative cosmic images that when viewed while working with the contemplation allows you to make deeper changes than most traditional therapies that focus on specific problems rather than helping you approach your higher self and rise above your past problems.

It’s never easy to prove why a specific method of therapy works because you only know after having tried it whether it worked for you or it didn’t. So we’ll start of by giving you examples of how our Ascension method compares to the traditional therapies, then what those that have attended our courses thought of the techniques and finally we’re providing a few excerpts from this book and giving you an opportunity to try these meditations online to help to decide just how much this therapy can help you and if its right for you.

The Symbols

We’ve heard a lot of feedback from surprised clients who told us that the cosmic symbols Ulla has painted seemed strangely familiar.
Because we don’t believe that you should get our book if you don’t resonate with it we’ve included a preview of all the cosmic symbols below and suggest that you look at them and maybe you too will find them familiar.

Imagine for a moment that you decided to see a therapist for some reason. Traditionally that therapist might ask about your problem, they’d generally focus on the negatives because in the past people generally only saw therapists because they had a ‘problem’. A typical conversation might go something like this:

Client: I’m afraid of going outside because people stare at me!
Therapist: Describe what happens to you when you go outside in detail.
Client: Well, I walk outside my front door and I begin to get nervous because I can feel everyone looking at me.
Therapist: So everyone looks at you when you go outside?
Client: Yes.
Therapist: So every time you walk outside you become afraid?
Client: Yes.
Therapist: Have you always been afraid of people looking at you when you walked outside?
Client: Well back in kindergarten I wasn’t afraid but one day I walked outside my house and I got beaten up by a bunch of bullies while the other kids just stared blankly at me.
Therapist: So who’s fault is it that you become afraid every time you leave your house?

While we may be a bit unfair on our poor therapist here and box him into peoples stereotypes whereas we all know that there are plenty of good therapists out there that genuinely help people with their lives. There are still too many therapists out there that focus on the past and the problem rather than focussing on your present and or future and how you can increase your own boundary / integrity to the point that these small annoyances of the past won’t keep you in disharmony.

If you further look at the above, albeit stereotyped example of traditional therapy you might also notice that the therapist only focuses on the negative (problem and who’s to blame). But not only does he/she focus on the problem but he reinforces it by helping the unfortunate client further cement in their belief that they ‘feel bad when they go outside’, the therapist gives the client a perfect excuse as to why they feel bad.

In fact the client may leave the session feeling even more ‘depressed’ but knowing a lot more about why they feel that way and less about how to stop feeling the way that they feel.

Ascension compared to Hypnosis

Another traditional method of dealing with problems has been hypnosis which while having been quite effective at suppressing problems its quite common that clients that have gone through most branches of hypnosis get a resurgence of their issues.

If you went to the hypnotist the average session might begin with that hypnotist doing a trance induction that helped you open yourself to suggestions and would then involve him talking about your problem and how you could avoid doing it in the future. In fact most hypnotists will tend to tell you to stop doing something directly which we’ve found has a tendency to weaken a person’s personal will power when they’re given direct instructions in a highly suggestible state, the problem also tends to reappear somewhere else at a later point in time which might not help the client that much.

If someone was a heavy smoker and they went to the average hypnotist to get rid of their habit they might end up becoming an alcoholic at a later time instead which is not exactly the cure most people are looking for.

The idea of putting someone in trance can be very powerful and we’ve heard examples where people were even able to read a book that they had looked at when they were a toddler before they could read as well as other countless examples because your subconscious mind remembers everything that has ever happened to you. There have also been many examples of clairvoyants that have gone into a trance in order to predict the future, the most famous of which was Edgar Casey.

Unfortunately when you think about hypnosis not only do most methods not work in the long run but knowing that people are in a much more suggestible state most hypnotists don’t realize that their body language makes up around 60% percent of what they’re communicating, their tone of voice makes up around 30% of what they’re communicating and finally what they’re actually saying makes up around 10% of their total communication.

Now not only that but the subconscious mind is much more attuned to what is actually being said linguistically that unless a hypnotist has a very firm knowledge of what exactly he’s communicating your subconscious might actually pick up mixed messages or even completely opposite messages than he intends.

This is why most self help books just don’t work even if they’re amongst the few books that genuinely contain powerful techniques that are useful. The people executing them haven’t had the years of experience it takes to give their subconscious or other people’s subconscious a clear positive message.

Summary of Comparisons

However what all these techniques have in common is that they deal with issues that are set in the ego whether they talk consciously about them or they try and teach your subconscious new things they still deal with the ego.

This is where you’ll find that our new approach differs from the traditional therapies that deal with your past or techniques that attempt to change the pathways that have been made in your ‘ego’.

Our approach is designed to allow you to work directly with your higher self without any of the possibilities of sending unclear messages or knowing more about your problems but less about how to change them that are inherent in traditional methods.

In fact you don’t have to spend years learning complex psychology or years repeating affirmations when you can contemplate symbols that through the laws of resonance will help you connect to your higher self.

Feedback from Real People

We’ve run a number of very successful Ascension courses and will continue to do so into the future. Because this book is basically a step by step guide to doing what we already do in our Ascension courses we’ve included feedback from participants in the courses to help you decide how this book may help you and if it’s right for you.

We live in troubled times. It is courses like Ascension that help us stand firm in the midst of this, with a strong commitment to right living. a raised consciousness and an acknowledgement of our true Spiritual nature.
As our Ascension teacher, Erik Sandersen gently but firmly guides us through an eventful journey where the past and personal issues are lovingly dealt with and the path cleared for Higher Consciousness.
His use of exercises, discussion, meditation and contemplation on music and transformative cosmic symbols, enable us to live our lives with a new clarity and wish to assist others.
I highly recommend this course
Cara Britton

This is a very powerful, self empowering experiential course. I feel I can now really acknowledge and appreciate my own qualities.
As a result, I feel stronger and more grounded.
I am sure the influence of this course will continue help to transform my outlook in life

While not always being aware of the specifics of what was happening within me, I would sense there were very powerful energy shifts. My level of consciousness over the last several months has continued to increase and I am becoming far more aware of myself, my concepts of the world and of others. I am definitely more grounded.
Michael P.

Dear Erik and Ulla,
I would like to thank you both for the valuable experience in the recent workshop "Ascension".
I found the experience in meditating on Ulla’s paintings and the music selected by Erik was very powerful in helping me to reach the deep layers of consciousness. I was pleasantly surprised as to how effective it was in bringing about self awareness and deep insight. I felt a good deal of my energy shifting during the workshop and the process is still continuing. I only wish we may have a chance to work through the rest of Ulla’s paintings later on.
Kind regards and appreciative thoughts.

Although all the previous workshops I have attended have been worthwhile, the Ascension Workshop and the paintings used therein had more effect on me than any before. This workshop left me with more direction of how to work with issues, and more importantly, what some of the issues were that need to be worked with. I can thoroughly recommend the Ascension workshop to all who are serious about wanting to become more conscious.

A number of people also asked us not to include their names if we published their comments so we’ve included the anonymous feedback below.

The course provides a unique way of working on one’s own spiritual development in a group setting and also provides a meditative process that is simple yet powerful.”

A worthwhile series of workshops that resulted in positive growth and insights. - As often is the case in Erik’s workshops.”

The process was challenging, had depths and I felt a definite progress and growth in myself. Sometimes material felt repetitive however.”

Introduction from ‘The Path of Dharma

We are pleased to present this booklet describing a series of twenty cosmic symbols meant for contemplation. The pictures can be used individually or in a group meditating together.
The illustrations are painted in watercolour during 2004 and 2005 by Ulla Sandersen in close co-operation with her husband Erik Sandersen.
The text is written according to the same rigorous meditative checks, by Ulla and Erik together. Peter Sandersen has been the force behind all graphic design in this book.

The Path of Dharma

This picture shows the zodiac and planet Earth
encircled by twenty golden symbols.
The path of dharma can be described as opposing forces treated with higher consciousness

To “treat”, or rather to balance and transform, opposing forces whether these forces are internal or external, can be done in many ways. In this booklet we present a series of 20 cosmic symbols, pillars of balance, to use as contemplations.
On the picture above, we see all the golden symbols spread out throughout the twelve star constellations in the wheel of the zodiac They are examples – variations of the countless ways - in which opposing forces can be treated. The zodiac is shorthand of all the stars in cosmos, and its twelve star signs reflect the diversity as well as the unity of the opposing forces influencing us.
All the twenty symbols belong to the zodiac because they are dealing with the same cosmic tension. They are all expressions of higher consciousness, so their consciousness is cosmic.

Each of the golden symbols is an “alien”, or rather a being, highly advanced in consciousness. Their path of development is different from each others, facilitated by sound, seeing, hearing, compassion, and so on.
An example: a cosmic entity who has arrived at the goal and is enlightened through the path of “hearing” – how does such a being look? Each being has advanced so far that he has become one with his own path. They have become the symbolic expression of Christ`s words:
“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” (John 14:6)
Each of them has become one with their path, but still being an entity, their shape is expressing their path. Whether we prefer to look at these cosmic beings as symbols or entities doesn`t matter as they are BOTH.
Each of them is an invitation to enlightenment.
The series of twenty symbols that together make The Path of Dharma has an analogy to the Buddha’s Eightfold Path towards the centre.
The way the opposing forces and their remedy, the enlightened cosmic symbols, influence us is through morphic resonance; a concept created by Rubert Sheldrake which he with his own words define as, “similar things influence similar things across time and space. In this understanding, growing organisms are shaped by fields which are both within and around them, fields which contain, as it were, the form of the organism.”
[…] Today, it is more than ever important that we find ways of re-establishing the standards of dharma, righteous living, in our lives. The practise of dharma has detoriated, because people no longer trust in the sources which traditionally represented the paths of dharma.
Everything that exists follows cosmic law and order, dharma. It governs all of existence; a molecule exists because it is held together by exact electrical laws, a healthy society is held together because certain laws are obeyed. and so on. But we humans have reached a point where we have been imposing our own will and mental strength so extensively on nature, that we through the law of resonance working in the wrong direction, are causing disorder and breakdown on all levels, even down on the basic dynamics that is ruling matter itself. This is likely to create disorder, disease, climatic changes, natural disasters and so on.
At the same time, there is a new vibrational level of consciousness, so high that the cosmic brotherhood, which the picture with the zodiac and the cosmic beings surrounding earth also represents, will again become conscious for mankind. The good news is that the shift has already happened; but it will be recognized only gradually. It will look as if the change is happening slowly. The twenty symbols or entities are helping us towards that level of consciousness where the existence of other cosmic intelligences is a matter of fact.
With this series of The Path of Dharma we are hoping to do our bit.


If you still have any doubts about this material we invite you to try to see how good you feel after trying our Free Online Meditation Exercises.

If you’ve looked at many self help packages in the past you’d know that normally many self help authors charge hundreds of dollars for their products however as our philosophy is to make personal change available to everyone it wouldn’t be right for us to charge extravagant amounts.

Actually we’re pricing this book so that everyone can easily try the techniques within, without having to over commit themselves.