Coping with Change

A 8 week email based course  


What is wrong with mankind?

Why don’t we live happy lives while we

individually and together solve

both our own real problems

and the real problems of the globe?


Some practicalities:

  • You can enrol and watch and read the emails and ready-made material whenever you want.


  • First a disclaimer: Due to the international character of online courses, covering countries with vastly different legal systems, we emphasis, what anyway is good advise:

  • That you sign up for this course imply that you acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for your own health and well-being during the whole course and as long as you use any of our suggestions and techniques thereafter

  • Our suggestions and techniques are truly tested and proven to work - if you do them, but no matter if techniques work or not, a part of maintaining your own integrity, is that you should never do something that you do not take responsibility for.


This course is divided up in 3 parts:

  1. Will you see or sleep?

  2. Where are the globe heading as seen by scientists and clairvoyants

    (Climate, Ecology, Resources)

  3. What to do about it?

    Outer activism, and inner work - Integrity, dignity, compassion and wisdom. Prayer, chanting, Meditation Stillness.



All that for just $20 including 20 miutes 1-1 Skype-consultation with Erik