Counselling Consultations

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At Starbridge Centre we offer counselling in many different forms, being it counselling/psychotherapy/mentoring/spiritual guidance.

We offer the approach the individual needs, not the approach that happen to be the only one we know. If someone needs something we do not offer, we try to help the client find someone else that is more appropriate

The counselling is available over the telephone or Skype or as face to face counselling at our centre in Research.

In general individual counselling sessions at Starbridge Centre

are reserved for participants enrolled in group work

(regardless if the group has happened yet or not).


If you want to shift to another practitioner that may have more time,

or otherwise feels more suitable for you, feel free. There are many good people out there.

We can highly recommend the following, all have trained with us,

all now work successfully with their own style and additional training (here in alphabetical order):

Col Barling 
BA, Grad Dip Applied Psychology, MAPs, Dip Counselling,
Member International Association on Workplace Bullying & Harassment
Mob 0407 766 996 
Ph 03 9878 6595

Registered psychologist, retained by 2 large private organisations for independent investigation, mediation and counselling of employees. Offers personal development and counselling based on a Jungian tradition in the fields of relationship, workplace bullying and mediation.

Cara Britton
Ph: 9712 0601
Personal & Spiritual Guidance through Sound work, Dreamwork & Contemplation.
Dip Art & Design; Dip Ed;   Dip Counselling, Psychotherapy & Healing; Cert Initiatic Art Therapy for Professionals; Cert Working with Dreams; Cert Intuitive Use of Music; Cert Spiritual Healing.

Elfriede Lantzsch
Medicare Rebates with appropriate referral.
Bulk-Billing-negotiable if financial hardship. Ringwood:
Ph 9876 7895

Mandy Peyton, Psychologist. DPsych, BA, ND, MAPS.
Individual and Couples  counselling 
Ph: 0425 794085
For further details go to

To enquire about their methods of work etc. and for appointments
call direct to their number above



 Personal services We Offer You at Starbridge Centre:


Personal and or Spiritual Mentoring
You have already an established way of working with yourself, you do not need therapy, but you feel that you may sometimes benefit from someone that has been on the road for some time, that you can run your strategies and plans past, and that can help you identify blind spots.
Spiritual guidance or healing:
Higher qualities channelled through the law of resonance (This usually happens in one-on one sessions and in groups, less over the phone)
You are professionally working with people, and in particular cases would like second opinion, or feel stuck, need inspiration, or the client have a dream you don’t understand etc.


Who We Are & Where We Work:

Over the past 30 years Ulla and Erik Sandersen has established themselves as the psychologist and counsellor pair that can get you results.

Their down to earth eclectic approach is developed from their own journey, having tried and tested many of the most important schools in the field of self-development and transpersonal psychology since the mid 70’s.

Ulla being the psychologist (M. A. Psych) of the two, initially working traditionally; she knew from the very start that there’s more to your personality than your childhood; so she joined forces with husband Erik and together they founded Starbridge Centre

Being well established in the field of art therapy, Ulla has been applying her artistic and intuitive tallents to both paint meditative paintings that have proven themselves powerful tools for transformation and upliftment in our group work and to run her own art therapy workshops.

Through this journey they have both learned how each individual is different in much deeper ways than most psychotherapeutic schools acknowledge, and of the fragility and immense strength of the human psyche.

We seem fragile in that a few unpleasant experiences can cause pain for many years – and yet we are immensely powerful because we again and again realize that in spite of the most horrendous odds, with the right help, the right tool and the right timing; you break free and the healthy core in you shines through as your life becomes the meaningful journey it is meant to be.

Through the many years of practising as a professional with the different tools and with just about every psychological issue, Erik, who started as a teacher and lecturer touring Scandinavia, giving lectures and slide shows combining ecology and personal growth for large audiences, while still a teacher with a degree in biology in Denmark, and in the process of studying psychology at Copenhagen University and attending courses run by among others Jes Bertelsen (Danish website: Quote from his understanding of auras in our article on aura here: Bob Moore (Website: and Leo Matos, Professor in psychology at Copenhagen University.(Beginning of a homepage here: He started working as a professional group facilitator and therapist in 1976 and has been practising since, over the years utilising a wide range of modalities, as for example Gestalt therapy, Jungian dream analysis, aura reading and meditation. An approach he specialises in is “How to cope with the collective”. He now often finds himself more and more in the role of spiritual mentor, and has developed an almost uncanny ability to see through to the core issues and devise powerful, yet gentle ways of helping transforming the issues, allowing you to move forward in your life at the pace at which you are ready.

Ulla  has a Masters in psychology, she is a trained as psychodrama teacher, in Bioenergetics, in body awareness and in Jungian dream analysis and she also has attended numerous courses in Bioenergetics, healing and courses run by Jes Bertelsen

We must by now have trained, tried and practised a good deal of what has been important within the field of counselling, psychotherapy and beyond. The wide range of professional experience has added a freedom of choice, an “eclectic approach” which means that the way we are working in a given situation entirely depends on the client`s particular needs. Sometimes we are working together and sometimes independently of each other.

Erik and his wife Ulla migrated from Denmark in 1987 together with their son Peter.


Counselling & Other Service Fees

Counselling with Erik (Approximately one hour duration) Individual $150 Discount price $140.

Couples $170 Discount price $150

Counselling with Ulla and Erik (Approximately one hour duration) Individual $170 Discount price $150.

Couples $190 Discount price $170

 There are a $20 cancellation fee for same-day cancellations

 We prefer payment by cash or credit card (Visa or Master card). Please give the necessary information (credit card numbers, expiry date etc.) before the session starts.  Payment over the phone (MOTO) is available. You can also pay with cheque, money order or Paypal, or you can pay via direct debit, (Bank: Westpac, Ringwood. Account name: Starbridge centre BSB 033382 Account no 198817). 


Making An Appointment

To book a session you can simply call +61 3 9437 2438  and we’ll either be able to have a session with you right away or book an appointment for a future time.


Our centre and clinic is located in Research in the northern fringe of Melbourne, Australia yet we also offer phone counselling, and online counselling internationally if this location isn’t close enough to you, or if you’ve simply prefer to be able to just pick up the phone and start . To learn more about Telephone Counselling or Online Counselling just click on the underlined orange links to be taken to a page with more information or just fill out the form above to book a session.