The Hindu name for this fluid matter is Akasha (“ether”, the fifth element); other knows it as Cosmic Electricity, the Primeval Serpent or Fohat. But it doesn’t really matter what we call it and it is totally impossible to define or name all the different forms it has taken since the beginning of the world, for every creature capable of thought, feeling and movement, that existed or has ever existed, is constantly impressing new vibrations on it. Its exact nature is extremely mysterious, and whatever is said of it will always be both true and false. But this we can say with certainty: it is capable of recording absolutely everything that happens in the universe. […] If the scientists who put all their faith in materialism took it seriously they would be obliged to modify their understanding of the nature of matter.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov: “The zodiac, key to Man and to the Universe”, p.9-20