Earth Healing

Welcome to this bold experiment:

The Survival of your sanity

The survival of the sanity of those you affect

The survival of the sanity of those
affected by those you affect…

The survival of the sanity of mankind

The survival of mankind

The way of working presented here works
but it is of course -Fortunately- not the only way that works

Whichever way that works for you
In whichever way you can enhance your own
tolerance, compassion, care of life of fellow man, of the earth

Do it!

In the following we will describe a meditation that has been going on for some time now in a closed group on Starbridge Centre’s premises.

Our present premises are full to capacity, but we have plenty of heart-space so we want as many as possible to participate.

If you are drawn to this idea, read on!
If you after having read it, still is interested, consider our entry conditions, and give it a try.

The meditations are available for anyone that enrols

But please consider the following:

  •    We expect a commitment to the spirit of the group, which is Selfless Service.
  •     This group is not a development-group, but development may be a natural consequence of the work.
  •     We expect a willingness to personally take responsibility of own well-being and cope with the emotions and experiences such a work may trigger.
  •     It is a definite advantage if your commitment is based on an already established daily meditative practice.

    You need to carefully consider your attitude to your own life:  Will you see or sleep?



Enrolment here

Feel free to email us with questions and comments, this is of course free and with no obligations.

If you feel our work is worth supporting, use it, spread the word!

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