Lesson 1 - Guidance

How to obtain clairvoyant or prophetic dreams

A person that generally is ruled by his emotions and thus not in a deeper sense have faced and integrated his shadow-sides will force the dreams to balance the emotions, and to again and again point to the shadow.
Likewise will a person with sexual imbalances force the dreams to work with that.
On the other hand, the more a person knows his hidden aspects, the more he is in charge of his emotions and acknowledges his sexuality, the more is the dream set free to mirror deeper aspects and impulses directly from the higher self

Edited and translated from Jes Bertelsen: Drømme Chakrasymboler og Meditation

A dream from July 19 2001 - Is it clairvoyant?

Well Last Saturday night after our sweat lodge I had a restless sleep. Normally I will move into a space of being in the moment and being closer to nature after tending the fire and rocks. This is the second such experience after being at the lodge.

The dream: I am watching flashing images of people from the middle east. It would show the person down to waist level, then it would show them turning charcoal colour and explode or turn charcoal colour with a sand-like consistency and sift to the ground. Sometimes the faces would have fear in them just before they turned to charcoal.
When they changed to the charcoal colour they looked like charcoal with very rough human-like features, they had been burned. Then I sensed so strong that there will be a nuclear event in the middle east. The sensing is so strong even now that it will happen! Which is against my nature.

From the net

A dream (From J. B. Priestley, Man and Time)

I was standing at the top of a very high tower, alone, looking down upon myriads of birds flying in one direction; every kind of bird was there, all the birds in the world. It was a noble sight, this vast aerial river of birds. But now in some mysterious fashion the gear was changed, and time speed up, so that I saw generations of birds, watched them break their shells, flutter into life, mate, weaken, falter, and die. Wings grew only to crumple; bodies were sleek and then, in a flash, bled and shrivelled; and death struck everywhere at every second. What was the use of all this blind struggle towards life, this eager trying of wings, this hurried mating, this flight and search, all this gigantic meaningless biological effort?: As I stared down, seeming to see every creatures ignoble little history almost at a glance, I felt sick at heart. It would be better if not one of them, if not one of us all, had been born, if the struggle ceased forever. I stood on my tower, still alone, desperately unhappy.
But now the gear was changed again, and time went faster still, and it was rushing by at such a rate, that the birds could not show any movement, but were like an enormous plain sown with feathers. But along this plain, flickering through the bodies themselves, there now passed a sort of white flame, trembling, dancing, then hurrying on; and as soon as I saw it I knew that this white flame was life itself, the very quintessence of being; and then it came to me, in a rocket-burst of ecstasy, that nothing mattered, nothing could ever matter, because nothing else was real but this quivering and hurrying lambency of beings. Bird, men or creatures not yet shaped and coloured, all were of no account except so far as this flame of life travelled through them. It left nothing to mourn over behind it; what I had thought as tragedy was mere emptiness or a shadow show; for now all real feeling was caught and purified and danced on ecstatically with the white flame of life. I had never felt before such deep happiness as I knew at the end of my dream of the tower and the birds.?

Here from Marie-Louise Von Franz: On dreams and death

The Self is individualised Spirit
Paramahansa Yogananda

The Self is [¦] the divine essence of man, as distinguished from the ordinary self, which is the human personality or ego. The self is individualised Spirit, whose essential nature is ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new bliss. The self or soul is mans inner fountainhead of love, wisdom, peace, courage, compassion, and all other divine qualities.

Dreams about wisdom

The most outstanding aspect of pure wisdom dreams is that their message is obvious. They have a character that makes them self evident for the dreamer; there is no reason, often not even a possibility for interpretations in the normal way.

If you are in doubt if a dream is a wisdom dream,
the rule of thumb is that it isn’t!

Another feature is that the wisdom usually is conveyed by a personified representative for wisdom.
There are exceptions, for example a wise snake or a wise lion or a symbol or mandala with a lot of reverence around it.
Information from wisdom dreams can usually be acted upon immediately, or the dream literally gives a meditation technique.
It is obvious, that if one does not follow through with the suggestions in the dream, the dialogue with the wisdom aspect will be inhibited, maybe dry out and the dialogue come to a halt.

Edited and translated from Jes Bertelsen: Drømme Chakrasymboler og meditation


How to obtain dreams with wisdom

A person that generally is ruled by his emotions and thus not in a deeper sense have faced and integrated his shadow sides will force the dreams to balance the emotions, and to again and again point out the shadow. Likewise will sexual imbalances force the dream to work with that.
On the other hand, the more the person knows his hidden aspects, is in charge of his emotions and acknowledges his sexuality, the more is the dream set free to mirror deeper aspects and impulses directly from the higher self.

Edited and translated from Jes Bertelsen: Drømme Chakrasymboler og meditation


Wisdom: Only a still clear surface can mirror a higher order.

Wisdom belongs to the human essence, but it can only become conscious during moments of stillness and clarity.
When the emotions roar, when the shadow is noisy, when the sexuality absorbs the energy, then the consciousness is chaotic, like the sea in a storm. Only a still clear surface can mirror a higher order.
Working sincerely with ones dreams, balancing what needs to be balanced, facing what needs to be faced, makes a connection with ones inner wisdom, the inner guide, possible.
When such a connection is established, the dreamer will no longer have the dependency on outer authorities.
Sometimes wisdom dreams refer to outer spiritual teachers, suggesting the dreamer to seek help there, but the authority is still inner, since it was the dreamers own dream suggesting it

Edited and translated from Jes Bertelsen: Drømme Chakrasymboler og meditation

The Animus / Anima

The animus /anima is an archetypal inner image of a person of the opposite sex, normally an unknown individual. A woman has an inner animus, a man an inner anima
These inner images have an extreme power and if the anima / animus is showing up in a dream, it will leave the dreamer deeply touched and fascinated. The fascination can be stronger than if the person had been physical. The animus / anima is a projection of 50% of yourself!
The animus / anima represents a potential for expansion and growth, it is not just a projection from our personal unconscious, it is collective, there is much more energy that can be utilised in growth.
An animus / anima dream will therefore often have a message that can reach several years into the future.
Our etheric body is the opposite sex to our physical, so meeting our inner animus or anima means an opening into our own etheric structure, and thus a substantial growth and expansion.
The animus anima offers self-knowledge (the œother? is the dreamer herself).
The meeting reveals the main direction for the total libido or life-energy.
The animus or anima invites you on an inner journey, revealing what you essentially are looking for in sex and love.



In a dream you meet a wise man, woman, or maybe even a wise animal.
A wisdom dream tells that you already are in contact with wise persons, and that your psyche has reached a level of flexibility and openness where it is possible for the wisdom to manifest.
The ego is not understood as the centre of the personality; the wisdom has always been there, but now there are moments of balance, clarity and peace.

Wisdom dreams offers:

  1. Apprenticeship.
    Start a circulation between teacher and pupil. The teacher can only teach the pupil what the pupil has projected onto the teacher!

  2. Power or energy.

  3. A technique, most often a meditation technique.

Dreams with wisdom are clear. The message will be understood. The message is do as you are told, also if it is very literally!
These dreams can reach many years ahead in time, often in seven-year cycles.


Projection of wisdom

If a person is unconscious about his own inner guidance, the wisdom from this inner guide will be projected on an outer spiritual teacher or therapist that already is known by the dreamer.

This type of projection is often accentuated by unresolved issues with the mother or father figure.

Self-confidence and authority is connected to the father archetype.Warmth and accept is connected to the mother archetype.

Edited and translated from Jes Bertelsen: Drømme Chakrasymboler og meditation

How wisdom manifests

In a dream about wisdom it is most common, that the dreamer experiences the wisdom as coming from someone else, the dream ego sees itself as different from the higher self.
It seems to be a rule, that if the wisdom comes directly into the dream ego, this wisdom will change, and become light and higher consciousness.
In other words, what outside the dream ego appears as a figure of wisdom, will inside the dream ego manifest as light and higher consciousness.
When someone wakes up from a dream where they experienced the inner aspect of wisdom, the waking up will be felt like coming into a smaller world, like a “waking down”.

Edited and translated from Jes Bertelsen: Drømme Chakrasymboler og meditation


The only two valid criteria for whether a person has reached a level of development where she or he did not any longer need to project wisdom and guidance upon outer persons (counsellors, healers, teachers etc.), are initiation and illumination.
In the initiation experience you will get a contact with an inner master or guide. It is a real transfer of spiritual energy from a collective pool, the enlightened dimension.
You are allowed to see your inner master clearly. At this level, your energy system is able to attract this high vibrating energy field, which you most likely will perceive as an individual because of your physical consciousness.
This is the first initiation.


- When the first initiation happens, you are deeply shaken; you will never be the same again. It can still be beneficial to be seeing counsellors and healers and attending workshops, but the centre is definitely in yourself.
You will now have one focused drive in your life - to reach that stage again. The projection will not again go out to other people; you will have an inner direction.
In the first initiation your nose will be pointed to the path that is yours.
In the second initiation you will be placed upon your path.
From now on - during the following lifetimes - you may quickly find your path again, maybe before you are 35 years of age

Jes Bertelsen



Illumination is a glimpse, a split of a second, where you are enlightened, "x-rayed" with light. If it had been longer time, you would probably have died.
An illumination experience affects you in approximately the same way as an initiation.
An illumination experience is hard; you are thrown into a realisation of how much darkness and unconsciousness there is left in you.
There is no self-pity, no judgement, it is just hard.

Jes Bertelsen.



A Meditation on wisdom


  • Imagine the wisdom figure on top of your head

  • Then imagine a clear white light stream down from a point above the wisdom figure above your head.

  • This light pours down through the wisdom figure and further through you.

Many have experienced that the body aspect that relates to wisdom is the top of the head. To imagine the light streaming via the guide and down through the person meditating is a close imitation of the inner spontaneous experience.

Edited and translated from Jes Bertelsen: Drømme Chakrasymboler og meditation

Warning signs in dreams of pre-psychotic or psychotic states

The schizophrenic is drowning in the same waters which the mystic swims with delight

Joseph Campbell, here from Emergence? volume 1 no 2

A psychotic state can be defined as being on the astral level of consciousness

without being prepared

A psychosis is an invasion of unconscious material into the psyche, which becomes overwhelmed. It is preventing the individual from distinguishing the astral dimension from conventional reality and adequate social responses.

Warnings of a psychotic build up

In dreams catastrophic scenes with the water element and the fire element, might be warnings of a psychotic build up.
The water element is out of control - huge masses of water are destroying everything, drowning people, maybe even the dreamer, boiling water etc.
In dreams where the fire element is out of control, and where the destructive or œfeverish? aspect has taken over, there is good reason to consider quick preventive actions.

If you are working professionally with a client, you should ensure that the client seeks help from a GP or a psychiatrist.

At this stage the individual might definitely loose his hold on himself. He can see his own instinctual life and his own archetypes around him. The mechanism is self-accelerating and self-perpetuating; the fear and/or the fascination is growing, and so are the astral images and hallucinations.
Paranoia arises, and maybe also megalomania, in which condition the individual identify himself with projections of authority. If the Self is involved, the individual becomes œinflated? and believes that he is Christ, World Saviour etc.

In higher development a controlled “psychotic” condition is established. In this astral consciousness there is an ability to see the inner world of one self and others. The individual is projecting pictures, symbols, archetypes etc. but knows at the same time who he is and where he is.

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