Lesson 7 - Initiation

Seek ye first the Kingdom of god and the rest will be given to you


The Kingdom of God and Compassion

If you carefully examine the nature of compassion, you will also find that genuine compassion can be extended even to one’s enemies, those whom you consider to be hostile toward you.
In contrast, compassion mixed with attachment cannot be extended to someone whom you consider to be your enemy.

Edited from Dalai Lama: the Good Heart, p. 68.


Doing the Will of God.

Man is victorious when he lives not in accordance to his will but according to the will of God. And the moment you drop your will, your ego, your private idea of achievement, life moves on a totally different plane. Then each step is a victory and each moment you come closer and closer to immortality.

[…]The moment you are ready to risk, for that which is invisible, for that which is beyond words, beyond logic, beyond mind, for that which can never be measured, for that which can never be reduced to a system, you are taking a quantum leap. The mind will call it mad. But that madness is real sanity. That madness is the most precious in existence.
It is because of a few mad people that humanity has not lost contact with God. A Buddha here, a Jesus there, a Mohammed somewhere else “ just a few people, but they remained in contact with God and through them the whole humanity has remained in contact with God.

OSHO: Must for Morning Contemplation, 52 and 26.



Initiation is a consequence
of dharma or righteous living.

In the ancient Mysteries there existed a consecutive and graduated order of initiation. In order to be raised to the next step, the man to be initiated had to pass through a certain, definite course of preparation. He was then subjected to the required tests, and only after having passed through all the tests and had proved that his preparation had been serious and on the right lines were the next door opened before him and he penetrated more deeply into the interior of the temple of initiation.

One of the first things the man to be initiated learned and had to appreciate was the impossibility of following a path of his own, [..] and what was required of him first was the realisation of advancing by steps. He had to realise that it was impossible to out-distance himself, and that any attempts in this direction was certain to end tragically. […]. The Mysteries and the gradual initiations were to protect people from the half-knowledge which is often much worse than no knowledge at all, particular in questions of the Eternal, with which the Mysteries had to deal.

Ouspensky: New Model of the Universe


Initiation is the consequence of dharma and discipline

Initiation-concentration and radiation

The point of singularity

This is one of the great secrets about initiation: to make everything converge in the same direction, to convince all ones contradictory tendencies to pull together, to impose ones will on them, and if need be, to reduce them to slavery. And when one has welded all those unknown, hidden energies into one, when one has learned to launch them all together towards one glorious, luminous, beneficial goal, then one becomes a focal point of such intense, powerful light, that one is free to send rays of light in every direction, like the sun. But before becoming a focal point of radiation like the sun, one has to practise a discipline, an ascetism which seems to be just the reverse. Actually, […]

Concentration is a necessary prelude to radiation and expansion.

If a human being, to take just one example, did not have a physical body, he would be diluted in space; he would be nowhere. In order to manifest one has to begin by condensing.

Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov: The Splendour of Tipharet, p. 257.


In order to manifest one has to begin by condensing


The Great Initiation
Dream pictures

Initiation means BECOMING CONSCIOUS. You are now conscious to a degree corresponding to the resistance of your nerves and body. When a person becomes conscious to a higher spiritual degree, he automatically guides higher, stronger more penetrating powers into his body. For this reason, he must also raise the level of resistance of his nerves and body. To achieve the supreme, divinely creative degree of consciousness, while at the same time increasing the resistance of the nerves to the supreme degree in order to be able to endure this divine condition without harm to the body “ that is what (the great) initiation means. Initiation also entails omnipotence and omniscience.
[…] Man can adapt himself up to a range of an octave to different vibrations and bear these vibrations without death. […] In the GREAT INITIATION, all the currents of force corresponding to the seven levels of consciousness are conducted into the body, beginning with the lowest (the root chakra, our addition), and moving progressively upward to the very highest divine creative currents. The candidate is initiated in all these forces and becomes conscious on all levels. (All unconscious portions of his soul become conscious; he has no subconscious or superconscious). For a candidate to be ready to go through this initiation and come out alive, his consciousness, and with it his power of resistance “ must previously have reached the sixth level.

Elisabeth Haich:Initiation, p. 146.


The Great Initiation

[¦]But remember very carefully the following: When you become conscious in one octave and vibration, you are in tune with this frequency, and its whole sphere represents ABSOLUTE REALITY for you. When you have passed the test in one degree, you will be taken in the next sphere and realise that you were only dreaming on the level below. But if you dont pass the test, that is, if you IDENTIFY yourself with the events and don’t succeed in remaining master of them, all of these dream pictures remain real for you, and you will have to experience all of them to the very end as real events in the world of time and space. That would mean that your body would die (here in this coffin) and you would have to go on dreaming your own dream pictures in countless reincarnations, on the long path of mortal existence, for many thousand of years while you gradually struggle upward from this lower level to which you would have fallen.
When you pass all the tests, you experience all the lives that you would have to experience as a fallen soul on earth. Free of time and space, you experience them as DREAMS, awakening on the next level of consciousness. Finally you awaken on the seventh level, in the cosmic consciousness of the Self. This divine state […] is no longer an awakening, but a resurrection! Then you have been liberated from your person, which is also only a projection, liberated from your personal fate. You are redeemed.
[¦]In the great initiation a great circle of the law in which your destiny manifests itself in the world of time and space is closing. This circle, your earthly career, was already determined and set in the very moment you fell out of divine unity for the first time, just as a boomerang, at the moment it is thrown, has within it the forces that determine the kind of circle it will make. How high it will raise, how much time its flight will consume, and when it will return to its starting point. […]

Elisabeth Haich:Initiation, p. 146.

Destiny is an incarnated projection of the future, a materialised dream.

In the initiation, all the negative forces that were made manifest in the fall from a higher level of consciousness are offset by positive forces. (The inner tension within the forces are dissolved away. The energies then fade away, loose their power, and are destroyed). The debts are thus paid. After you successfully have passed your initiation, you will enter into a condition without fate. As long as you manifest Gods will, you will have no person of your own and consequently no fate of your own. You will be free of the law of action and reaction. But if you identify yourself in your consciousness with your person, with your body, you will create a new wheel of fate for yourself and again be subject to innumerable reincarnations.

As long as a person allows the will of his Self, the will of God, to rule, what happens on the material plane, in the so-called reality, is what he himself consciously wants.

CONSEQUENTLY HE HIMSELF IS ALSO IN CONTROL OF HIS DESTINY. This is because a person’s self has the power to take these dreams of his, which are waiting in his subconscious for materialisation, and transform them into spiritual energy. On the other hand, the moment a person identifies himself with extraneous forces which are rising, not from within his Self, but from within his lower nature, his body, and the moment he recognises these forces as his own will, what happens is no longer what he himself wants but what his body wants, even though he may be fully convinced that this is his own will. In this way he looses control over his destiny and is completely at the mercy of the blind forces of fate.
In this case, the dream pictures and projections lying latent in his subconscious unavoidably and with absolute certainty turn into real events on the earthly plane.

Edited from Initiation, High Priest Ptahotep.

The Seven Steps in the Ladder of

One night, as I’m kneeling in my bed in the darkness again, […] something strange happens: To my great amazement, it begins to get light about me. It gets lighter and lighter, and in the growing brightness I see a remarkable landscape. A high mountain with a steep, stone, narrow path leading up to it. I know this path leads to the goal “ to God. Without hesitating I start to follow it.
The path leads through friendly countryside, higher and higher. I climb untiringly until the charming green landscape lies behind me and I gradually reach the inhospitable region of the high mountains.
The pathway gets ever steeper, narrower and stonier, but I climb with astonishing ease, so light as if I were gliding.
The inhabited territory lies behind me. My horizon widens, and I see everything far below me. But there is no time to look around, and I go on. After many curves, the narrow pathway ends in front of a short stairway with seven steps. Each step is twice as high as the one before.
Under a crystal blue sky I stand there all alone in front of these seven steps and know that I must climb them.
With a deep sigh and with faith in the Creator has given each of his children “ the power which in my case has miraculously gone on undiminished and even increased as I have climbed this long path

I walk up the steps. The first step is low. I must conquer the weight of my body in order to lift myself up. I succeed easily. The second step is somewhat higher and awakens the resistance of my body.
I have long ago conquered the forces of my body, and so this step too causes me no trouble. The third step is noticeably higher. In order to conquer this one I have to conquer my feelings. As I become master of my feelings, I am on the third step.

As I face the fourth step, which is surprisingly high, thoughts of doubts overcome me; how would I be able to climb it? Have I enough strength? Then I realise that my doubts are weakening me, paralysing me. But doubt is a thought! So I must conquer my thoughts in order to master doubts. Thanks to my long training and my exercises in the temple, I know what I have to do: I gather all the strength of my soul; I am absolute faith in God, and think of absolutely nothing. And behold “ as my thoughts disappear, my doubts disappear too. An I am on the fourth step.
Curiously, I feel I have grown much larger while I have been climbing these steps. Each time I have gone up a step, Ive grown some more, and now Im much much larger than I was at the beginning. Now I face the fifth step, which, even though Ive grown a great deal, is so high that I can only get up by using both hands and feet. As I pull myself up with great difficulty, I suddenly find to my great surprise that I have no body any more. Everything in me or about me that was material has disappeared, and I am invisible spirit.
The sixth step is very, very high, and a new difficulty awaits me. I have no body, no hands with which to hang on and no feet with which to push myself up. How am I supposed to get up there?
I look about me for some way to do it, and as I turn around, I suddenly see the whole world spread out below me! Country after country¦ city after city looking like little toys¦ and houses with countless people living in them. Infinite love for them all seizes me and I am pained to think of all the people who would have to travel the long, laborious pathway of recognition¦ of all the innumerable people feeling their way forward in the darkness, imprisoned in their own selfishness as I was once

And, wonders of wonder! The moment universal love floods my heart; I am raised up and find myself on the sixth step. Now I stand before the last and highest step of all. It is just as high as I am. I long so much to get up there and this wish fills my whole being. In vain. I just don’t know what to do. I have no hands, no feet nor muscular strength of body with which to pull myself up. But I must get up there at any price. Up on the top Ill find God, and I am determined to see him face to face. I stand, waiting, but nothing happens.
As I look around me, I find to my great surprise that Im not alone. At this very moment a being familiar to myself reaches the sixth step and begs me to help him up to the seventh. I understand his tremendous desire, and forgetting my own longing to reach the seventh step “ I try to help him to reach his goal.
But the very moment I forget my own wish, I suddenly find that I am up on top of the seventh step “ I don’t know how “ and my companion is no longer there. He has disappeared without leaving a trace. He was an illusion who helped me forget my last self-centred wish. As long as I wanted to rise up my own person, I would never be able to conquer the step that was as high as I myself.
I have arrived! Quicker than a flash OF LIGHTNING I SEE THE FORM OF A HEAVENLY BEING WOVEN OF DAZZLING LIGHT. My complementary half! His irresistible attraction draws me to him “ and full of delight and fulfilment “ I melt into complete union with him in his heart. I realise that he was always I and I was always he, the dualistic projected image of my divine true self. In this dualistic state I always faced God as a being separate from myself, and I felt him as YOU. Now, in paradisical unity, I feel that this invisible power I have so far always called God will become myself in the next moment. A disc woven of fire begins to rotate about me. And in its immovable axis “ in my spinal column, my true self, I “ am dwelling.

Elisabeth Haigh: Initiation, p. p. 309-310


The path of initiation
A process we all are in whether we know it or not

As man evolves, he passes from one state of consciousness to another. This is a process we all are in, whether we know it or not. The final stages of his long journey are frequently referred to as the path of initiation, which most religions divide up in five stages
or points of crisis.Nowhere is this more clearly illustrated for man than in the life of Jesus Christ, where each initiation was preceded by a journey, symbolising the treading of the path. In the holy scripture of The Bhagavad-Gita, the tales about Arjuna can also be seen as referring to the path of initiation.



The first initiation: Compassion catches on

The first initiation, represented by the Nativity in the stable or cave at Bethlehem, symbolises the birth of Christ consciousness within the heart of the individual who has now been summoned by his soul to a new life.
The initiation and empowering of the heart chakra happens, when compassion significantly begins to show itself, when a spontaneous GIVING-attitude in stead of only a TAKING attitude begins to manifest.
The good news is that an increasing number of people today are on this path, ready for the first initiation.
Jes Bertelsen writes (edited): In the initiation experience you will get a contact with an inner guide or master. It is a real transfer of spiritual energy from a collective pool, the enlightened dimension. At this level, your energy system is able to attract this high vibrating energy field, which you most likely will see as an individual because of your physical consciousness.
This is the first initiation. When the first initiation happens, you are deeply shaken; you will never be the same again. It can still be beneficial to see counsellors and healers and attending courses and workshops, but the centre is definitely within yourself. You will now have one focused drive in your life “ to reach that stage again. The projection will not again go out to other people; you will have an inner direction. In the FIRST initiation your nose will be pointed to the path that is yours.

The path of initiation


Pietro Perugino (c. 1450-1524) and Bernardino Pinturicchio (1454-1513 Scenes from the Life of Christ: The Baptism of Christ. Cappella Sistina

The second initiation: Compassion takes over

The second initiation, the Baptism in Jordan, indicates the culmination of purification of the lower self and its readiness to enter a cycle of intense outer activity.
The throat chakra is empowered. Now compassion is not only a part of your life “ compassion takes over and becomes the primary focus in everything you are doing.
In the second initiation you will be placed upon your path. Jes Bertelsen says that from now on during the following lifetimes “ you may quickly find your path again, maybe before you are 35 years of age.
Nowadays it is not so common to find people on the second step of initiation.


The Transfiguration (middle panel on left side of nave). Jesus converses with the Prophets Elias and Moses of the Old Testament and the awesome Metamorphosis is witnessed from below by the disciples Peter, John and James.

The path of

The third initiation: Karma becomes visible

From the third initiation and onwards, the initiation experience is so hard for the physical body that the person risks to die from it.
In this initiation, often called THE TRANSFIGURATION OF CHRIST, the chakra at the forehead is empowered, and the whole person becomes illuminated, bathed in light from above. The third initiation symbolises the submission of the lower nature to the purpose of the soul “ and his face shine as the sun (soul) and his raiment (aura) was white as the light At this initiation, Peter, James and John symbolize the physical, astral, and mental aspects of His human nature. Jes Bertelsen describes an illumination experience like this: Illumination is a glimpse, a split second, where you are enlightened, X-rayed with light. If it had been longer time, you would probably have died. An illumination experience affects you in approximately the same way as an initiation. An illumination experience is hard; you are thrown into a realization of how much darkness and unconsciousness there is in you. There is no self-pity, no judgment, it is just hard.
Again a vision of what is lying ahead is given, ones karma becomes visible. It is only after this initiation that the self definitively is guiding the personality, allowing light increasingly to flow into the purified and ready channel, says Alice Bailey. It is neither necessary nor advisable to develop psychic abilities such as clairvoyance etc. before this initiation.
Today, this level, the third initiation, is only rare amongst people.
The fourth
initiation: Suffering is not suffering

At the fourth initiation, the Crucifixion of Christ on Golgotha. The word Calvary (Lat. Calvaria) means "a skull". Christ symbolises the soul crucified on the two beams of time and space. At this stage, it appears to be the crown chakra which is activated.
The life for that person, who takes the fourth initiation, or the Crucifixion, is one of great sacrifices and sufferings. You are simply doing Gods will, regardless of the pain and losses it causes you, seen from an ordinary commonsense point of view. According to Alice Bailey, you will at this stage attract an inner support-group. The level of the fourth initiation is extremely rare today.


Piero de la Francesca: Ressurection


The fifth initiation: The karma of mankind

The fifth initiation is divided in two halves, the Resurrection and the Ascension. Not much literature is found on these initiations, which Alice Bailey describes as the first of even higher, cosmic initiations. The work of the initiate of the fifth degree relates to the karma of mankind as a whole.
Examples of well known initiates of the fifth degree, physically alive today, are Sai Baba in India, and Ammachi, who is ceaselessly touring the world giving blessings to many thousands of people. But we understand that also other initiates of the fifth degree are physically alive today, even if they are unknown to the public and have withdrawn in order to do their work.


The Divine Plan.

The inhabitants of the earth receive their initiation in small groups and then in larger and larger ones, all inter-related with the other. A person can be initiated individually within his own lifetime, and a nation can receive initiation if it works its way up to the highest level of development and fulfils its task here on earth. Eventually, the whole world will receive initiation by completing the full circle of (the zodiac), experiencing step by step all stages of initiation in a systematic development, and finally achieving complete spiritualisation “ salvation from matter. Measured according to earthly time standards it will take ages and ages for this development to be achieved. For countless times the earth will have to go through the zodiacal circle, both in terrestrial and in cosmic years (¦). The history of mankind on earth is not a matter of accident or happenstance. It is important for you to know that every step of development takes place according to divine providence, following a divine plan. A person can cover this infinitely long way in a single lifetime IF he concentrates his will exclusively on this goal

Elisabeth Haich:Initiation, p. 267.


The secret of success Is understanding
That YOU are the final measure Of everything you accomplish.

For that work alone is noble which ennobles its creator

J. Donald Walters (Kriyananda): Secrets of Success day 28