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This page serves as a general hub of information about The Path of Dharma method and meditation in general to help you gauge whether this system is right for you and will grow over time to respond to common feedback and questions we receive from people using our just released Path of Dharma system on DVD.
We live in a society where advertising, media, news, work, traffic - stress -  make our mind scattered all over the place - just watch your mind for a bit and notice the constant barrage of thoughts:  “I’m hungry…When will this shift finish so I can get home..I’m angry at Nick… I’m really attracted to Tom… I’ll never get his attention in this old dress… Does she like me… What will I have for dinner”.  Our mind is often trapped in a associative chain of loosely connected thought-comments to bits of information or memory.
The good news is meditation exists and enables you to take charge of your own mind. There are at least 30 million websites on the net around the topic of meditation so there is an absolute staggering amount of information available to you. It also shows that there are a huge and ever growing number of people who are seeking to learn to meditate in order to escape stress and come back to a more fulfilling life. 

What is meditation?

The first thing to remember is that the state of meditation and a technique of meditation are two very different things. If you are doing a meditation technique you are not meditating any more than you are asleep when you count sheep. At best a technique of meditation is a way of approaching the state of meditation. The real state of meditation is a spontaneous state that occurs by itself beyond any techniques.
Meditation is defined as “one-pointed attentiveness”; that your thoughts are not scattered but instead focussed. This is something most people can do only in very short intervals. You can meditate on anything, even your own mind. 
For example meditation could involve taking one of your many thoughts and holding it, observing it; not trying to solve it or do anything with; instead just locking it in and holding it in your mind. This type of meditation leads to clarity, and will over time tend to enable you to discover solutions to problems much clearer and much faster. This is the method we teach in the Path of Dharma DVD.

Children can meditate, why is it so much harder for ‘grown ups’?

Meditation - one-pointed attentiveness - is a way of perceiving the world around us that every small child can do.
Children can be happily chatting one minute, next moment totally absorbed in a beetle crawling in front of them, a bird approaching or anything that grabs their attention. Meditation is in other words a natural ability that it takes learning not to do. But also – if you want to fully enjoy something, you need to be present with your mind in what you want to enjoy, not thinking about something else or comparing with last time you had a similar experience. This training can be done in many ways.
Here we present the Path of Dharma way; that in a nutshell teaches the mind to meet itself with integrity and thus courage, and thus overcoming hidden fears and prejudices towards ourselves, prejudices like thinking you are not good enough or not worthy of something. 
You would not be reading this unless you are interested in meditation, so you know the importance of choosing a meditation system that not only is powerful but is also right for you and easy to follow. 
Many people choose a system that sounds as though it will be powerful because its complex And yes, it may be powerful, but only if you deep down feel it is right, if you deep down commit yourself to doing it 100%!
Unfortunately people often end up not following their ‘chosen’ system; altering it or cutting corners, or even giving up on it and consequently not getting the results they want. We therefore warmly invite you to try out Starbridge’s Path of Dharma meditation system to see whether this is the right one for you.

How do you know what works?

Firstly you can’t learn what works for you from marketing letters! you need to try it and test it yourself. The only way to work out what works is what works for you - you need to work with it, try it! Look at the pictures on this website, are you drawn to them? Try the DVD. If you aren’t then find a number of techniques you are drawn to, dedicate some time (we suggest something like 6 months) and during this trial make sure regularly practice the method. 
Keep a diary on how you felt before you started the technique, how you felt during the technique, how you felt at the end of the period.
Ask your heart how this is, listen to feed back from people around you, have they noticed any change?  Do not just use a technique because an “authority” or a friend has recommended it. A particular technique might be perfect for them while the same technique might not work at all for you - Only an open mind and active experimentation on your part will enable you to find out.
The Path of Dharma is both easy to use and powerful; you just follow the straight forward instructions and notice how you feel different, clearer and more empowered in only a few months. In fact we guarantee that you will feel different, clearer and more in charge after using the our unique meditation system; more on this later. 

What is The Path of Dharma Meditation System?

The Path of Dharma is a series of 20 pictures, drawn through meditative guidance that each have their own unique contemplation. Working with these will help you to reconnect with your inner core, your unspoilt inner child, the real ‘YOU’, that sense of fulfilment, the things that feel right for you.
The system does not contradict what - beautifully - is taught in books and scriptures; because instead of an outer ideal, instead of telling you how things work, you will steadily achieve inner experiences that enable you to see what is right for YOU.  
These pictures are no ordinary pictures, they are chords, archetypes, resonance figures with a deep relationship with the Zodiac and its star signs. The beauty of this is that you do not need to know how they work for them to work, because these archetypes are a depicting deeply unconscious ‘chords’; resonance ‘figures’ that already are in you. They are there as building blocks of inner order.
Contemplating or meditating on these pictures will create a stronger resonance, and thus strengthen your embedded inner beauty and sense of meaningfulness; building the integrity that enables you to withstand hardship, fade away past trauma’s allowing your higher Self easier and safer access to your everyday consciousness.

What is it that makes these pictures work?

It is the universal law called the law of resonance: “If an object vibrates at a certain rate of vibration, everything in its vicinity that has the same vibration as a dormant possibility will start vibrating at that frequency”.
This law applies to everything from subatomic particles to cosmic proportions - and ourselves. 
So the Law of Resonance can be used to snare you while at the same time it can also be used as an effective way back to your higher Self, as we teach in the Path of Dharma DVD.
If you look at something with harmonious vibrations to your more or less hidden higher qualities such as the Path of Dharma pictures in this DVD; the resonance between your higher aspects will cause the latter to gain energy, gain strength, become more conscious and in turn allowing you to grow in integrity as your life gains a deeper sense of meaningfulness. 
Another good thing about working with our Path of Dharma series is that they are spiritual yet non-de nominal and non-religious; and thus working with them do not require that you belong to any particular religion, or a religion at all. Nor do they try to bring you away from any religion you may belong to.
The Path of Dharma series is a series of 20 symbols, each with two types of meditations or contemplations connected to them. On the Path of Dharma DVD we teach you to meditate on them with a contemplation or with a reference point in your body, your entire spine, or a chakra.
It is a gentle technique, you do not need to contact past traumas and wounds; instead of working with problems, you strengthen your qualities; meaning that your problems becomes easier to handle. The problem is in other words not the original trauma, but the present fear started by the trauma. 
The remedy therefore is not to revisit the old event, but to build up a trustworthy strength and integrity within yourselves now. The Path of Dharma series do just that to those that use them regularly.
Working with the right tool is mind-boggling beautiful and life-changing!
We have received feedback from many that have worked with these symbol in our workshops, and have given us beautiful statements of their power. 
Example below:
“I just finished the six month Ascension course [where we work with the Path of Dharma pictures] and have found it fully life-changing. From a grounding of truth and integrity, Starbridge have helped me to re-connect with my true Self. Thank-you Erik for wisdom and beautiful ability to help me ‘come home’.”
Anonymous testimonial
More feedback can be found elsewhere on our website, this isn’t the place to saturate you with testimonials.
Below is the intro lecture (slightly shortened due to Youtube’s 10 minute limit on uploaded videos), click the play button to watch it.
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We strongly believe in the power of the meditations enclosed and have first hand experienced and seen amazing transformation in both ourselves and our clients. Yet we realize every persons path is different and want to support you in your journey as best we can so if you for any reason don’t believe the DVD is as described or the meditations within have not helped you develop just send the DVD back to us and we’ll completely refund you; no questions asked.