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This article goes into more depth about the Kalachakra Meditation technique, if you’ve been on our email list you will have heard most of the information already so you can skip ahead and jump straight to the order page, or keep reading to get a more complete overview of the technique and what it offers you.

"The Kalachakra meditations on this DVD guide you through a series of contemplations, each of them are in their own right powerful bridges between our everyday self and our Higher Self.

 When taken together the contemplations create a simple, safe and powerful path for beginners and advanced meditators alike to making genuine meditation experiences more and more likely." 

- Erik Sandersen


Let us rewind for a moment and start right at the beginning: 


How the Kalachakra meditation technique came to Starbridge Centre


Firstly, a bit about Ulla and Erik…

Starbridge is founded by Ulla and Erik Sandersen. Ulla is a Psychologist and an artist while Erik is a teacher-counsellor and psychic, both of them have worked with personal and spiritual development since the early 1970s. Ulla with a focus on body therapies, dreams and meditation while Erik’s focus has been on training in Gestalt therapy, body language, dream work, energy work, music and meditation. 

Personal experiences lead Erik to focus his teaching more and more on the meditative states of consciousness while Ulla has gradually shifted from clinical psychology to using intuitively painted watercolour pictures together with a contemplation as a powerful tool and support for self development.

It took a long time for us to connect the dots..

The Law of Resonance

Listing to Music - Looking at a Picture - The Same Thing?! 

Old rattling clunky car.

The dots suddenly came together in beautiful harmony when it dawned on us that listening to music and looking at a picture does the same thing  to the listener/viewer; both create vibrations in the person through the law of resonance. 

The Law of Resonance is widely understood and intuitively known by everyone with an old car because when you drive at a certain speed the exhaust pipe - or some other part of the car - will rattle. This is because the hum of the motor has the same frequency as the exhaust pipe, so that the hum starts the exhaust pipe on its unwanted rattling.  

This law is also how NASA explains the distribution of stars in cosmos.

Galaxies forming after the big bang.Armed with the above realisation we began a more conscious connecting with our talents - resulting in meditations becoming much more powerful at Starbridge Centre. For those that have been to our workshops 10 years ago you will remember the dramatic shift that happened.

So when we finally combined Ulla’s intuitively painted pictures with Erik’s  music based meditative contemplations you could really feel the difference.

Starting in 1999, our meditations lead us to create a  series of paintings; with a series of pictures and techniques that enabled a meditative connection with the zodiac and plantes. The next series was completed in 2005 , and we called it The Path of Dharma. This is a series that allows you to safely link meditatively into powerful archetypes rich in symbology and esoteric meaning. we released our Path of Dharma DVD in 2009 with guided meditations on the images.      



What is the Kalachakra?

The Kalachakra as painted by Ulla SandersenAt Starbridge Centre we have always focussed our work on well grounded and precise understanding of psychotherapeutic and meditation techniques learnt and assimilated from over 10 years training with teachers such as Jes Bertelsen and Bob Moore back in Denmark, and over 20 years of professional work since then.

Yet when it came to the Kalachakra we were in the same boat as many - the name Kalachakra we knew; but the meditations and story behind the beautiful mandalas were rather foreign to us as it is for most people. This was before we had realised what the Kalachakra actually is, and before the picture was even painted! 

There were no beating about the bush, though, our meditations insisted! Painting of the Kalachakra picture started in December 2007 -  the picture Ulla ended up painting is a composite picture, an eye-shaped structure floating in cosmos, with ring formed structures surrounding a red, cosmic man/woman in the centre. 

The Painting Process, in Depth

Our meditations told us: "The Kalachakra must become public now".  

Ulla started painting  by trying to get the general picture and all the details right, small sketches was drawn and meditated on with many a question such as this: "Is Ulla on the right track drawing the zodiacs like this (referring to a draft)?" - "Sort of, see" "Is this draft then correct?" Answer: "As a next step, the rest must wait". 

On it goes, draft after draft, gradually the picture takes shape. Then it is the colours turn. All the colours that are used are shown in meditation. Then the setback - Can we get a comment on this painting? "Fine", "Can we get further comments?" "The energy is missing!" The shapes, colours dimensions, the picture, is in place, so now it is the deeper levels of the picture. 

Painting Mantras

It is time to ask our meditation for the "painting mantras". Each and every detail gradually is given its own keywords that is to be repeated with feeling during the painting, we call them "painting-mantras". The Kalachakra as painted by Ulla Sandersen.

The Kalachakra picture has 16 different painting mantras! Just a few examples of them here: The painting-mantra to the starry sky around the Kalachakra?: "God Spread Out" The painting mantra to the disc "All-Knowing Bliss". The painting mantra to the red man in the centre: "God within".

We now reach the completion of Ullas painting, she is urged on to paint from morning to night - or actually to early hours in the morning, so needless to say, in such intensive stages of the painting process, there is not much room for a normal daily routine. Conveniently enough, Erik has never had any polarised gender issues and naturally takes over the chores of shopping, cooking, dish washing etc. while giving individual counselling sessions and running workshops. 

The feed back we have got is that meditating on the Kalachakra and its composite pictures and their guided contemplations is a very powerful yet safe way of furthering ones spiritual journey. 

Then came workshop after workshop where these pictures were used to powerful effect. 

Typical feedback we get after Kalachakra workshops we hold at our centre using the same contemplations as on this DVD:

I feel permeated with a strength that comes from the joy of knowing how to meet what is now with an open heart. 

This is due to the inner work we did from your teachings, exercises, meditations on establishing safety (as distinct from just protection), standing in integrity and then entering into dialogue with a perceived enemy within or without, thus revealing the ‘jewel’. 

You said: "We do not live in a society that honours an open heart - it is painful but it is the only way at honouring your essence. A truly meaningful life is meeting everything with an open heart…

then a magic moment may happen." 

May I create/allow many, many magic moments in our increasingly traumatised world. 

- Shirley, after attening the 5-Day Kalachakra workshop 18-22 June 2008 

That you can experience these types of events means that the picture is a bridge, that the picture safely span the chasm we need to pass to go from our everyday self to our higher Self.

That meditations on this picture can be so powerful is not strange. As our meditations let us to understand, the disc formed Kalachakra is a structure of consciousness, not of matter, it is that aspect of the Divine that wants physical manifestation. 

Typical questions people ask us about the Kalachakra Meditation Technique:

 "I’ve never meditated before, the Kalachakra technique doesn’t require many years of experience to use, does it?"

Answer: Someone that has not tried to meditate before can benefit from contemplating the Kalachakra contemplations. You don’t need to be experienced to contemplate, only open to the answers.

"I’m an accomplished mediator and have meditated for many years, this product won’t be too ‘dumbed down’ for me, will it?"

Answer: The technique works by creating resonances with strong positive archetypes which no one is too advanced to benefit from, in fact "Who are You" is used by the enlightened sage Rama Maharishi as his main means for achieving enlightenment.

What is ‘contemplation’?" 

Answer: Contemplation is the method where you either as stand-alone, with closed eyes, hold a question in your mind, in order to allow the question, rather than an answer (!) to widen your awareness and openness to the subject. 

"What is meditation?“

Answer: Many people confuse to do a meditation exercise with to meditate, the two very different modes of conbsciousness are confused. If you do an exercise, your mind is in control, the state of meditation cannot be reached with the mind in control, the mind will have  to surrender.

A classical example is to count sheep in order to fall asleep. It may work, but only if you at some stage allow the drowsiness to take over from the counting (A million and one, a million and two…)

"I’ve heard some meditation techniques can be dangerous, is the Kalachakra meditation technique safe?"

Answer: The only "danger" is that you may face some content of your mind that you are ill prepared to see. The images and contemplations resonate with already established benign  structures in the psyche, (archetypes), so you are not without support even if you are physically alone. Because of this support structure, the technique is safe.

"I’m currently experimenting with different meditation techniques, do I need to stop what I’m currently doing in order to utilise the Kalachakra technique?"


Answer: No, the Kalachakra technique rests on its own and will not interfere with other spiritual practices. 

"Why does it matter what you look at?"r:

Answer: The Bulgarian mystic Omraam Michail Aivanhov describes the "magic" at work here so well: 

"Do you know what happens when you look at something: a picture, a face, a bird, a mountain, the sun? No act is vaster, more profound or full of meaning that the act of seeing. It may seem to be very simple and totally without mystery, But examine it more attentively and try to decipher it, for in this simple act you will see the whole universe unfolding before you. 

It is magic at a very high degree. Nobody realises when they look at an object, that it always represents a danger or a blessing that is lying in wait for them, depending on the nature of the object, its forms and radiations, and also their inner state,  for their whole being takes on the shape, dimensions and attributes of that object. You will object: "But human beings don’t change shape!" No, of course they don’t, not outwardly, anyway. But inwardly, on the psychic level, a human being identifies with what he looks at. This is a biological law of nature. […] Imitation is a natural law from which man himself is not exempt. It is not his physical body that changes, but a kind of osmosis takes place In which his external surroundings permeate his soul and his psyche." 

From "The Splendour of Tipharet"


Meditating on this Kalachakra picture and DVD, on Icons, Tangas etc is a powerful, safe and thus "as fast as it gets" way to progress on your path towards your higher Self, towards God.

The Kalachakra as painted by Ulla Sandersen.


Ready to give the Kalachakra meditation technique a shot?

We’ve deliberately priced this DVD lower than the price of an average action movie to make it as accessible as possible, just click the order now button below to order it securely online and it’ll be yours as quickly as the post office can deliver it.


Thank you for reading,

 Ulla & Erik