Relationships & Sexuality


Relationship and Sexuality is at the core of what it means to be human

The course consist of 7 emails send to you one per day

  • The emails contain text and exercises depicting the essence of our 30 years of experience in the field
  • There are also links to text and video elswhere on our site and on the web
  • You can enrol and watch and read the emails and ready-made material whenever you want. 
 Sexuality is one of the most common expressions of intimacy and love, and for that same reason, it is often the most difficult area in a relationship

You can enrol and watch and read the emails and ready-made material whenever you want. 
This course is full of important pointers  to what you need to know to make you  relationship and sexuality enjoyable and meaningful 

Look at the impressive list of topics:


Impressive list of topics:
  • Not  finding suitable partners
  • Animus anima and polarity
  • Projection 
  • Sex versus love 
  • Keeping the peace - The salami principle 
  • Too open – too closed leading to hurt and lost opportunities for intimacy
  • Not listening
  • Assuming the other thinks like you
  • Compromise-of integrity
  • Statue Shitting
  • Forgiveness and transformation
  • The human sexual turning on
  • How much sex, and how 
  • The variations in ‘normal’ sexuality: 
    • Homosexuality. Sadism; masochism Pornography
    • Affairs, Infidelity, “Open relationships"
    • Orgasm or lack of orgasm
All that for just $20.00 which includes a 20 minute 1 on 1 consultation with Erik normally valued at $40 by itself.
This is a small but inspiring and a sound basis for development, no matter what method of self-development you use.
Disclaimer: Due to the international character of online courses, covering countries with vastly different legal systems, we emphasis, what anyway is good advise: That you sign up for this course imply that you acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for your own health and well-being during the whole course and as long as you use any of our suggestions and techniques thereafter. Our suggestions and techniques are truly tested and proven to work - if you do them, but no matter if techniques work or not, a part of maintaining your own integrity.