The Hierarchy of Angels.

The picture shows one of the most common motives when it comes to depict beauty, blessings and hope – angels.
Normally we cannot see angels, we may not even believe in them, and we may just pass them – but then suddenly, something like an inner command makes us stop in our busy track, and then we recognise them! This is exactly the way with this picture: At first glance you may just believe that you are looking at a painting with a nice rose colour – and then you notice the angels too!
- Angels in angels, five in total. They are in subtle ways that is difficult for the mind to comprehend relating to the various levels in our aura. Angels are part of our being and even if we normally cannot see them - they can see us. The angels are following the will of God, reassuring us that we are never alone.
In this hierarchy of angels the first and highest is fiery Divine Elohim, encompassing all space and the others angels below him. Next in the order comes Gabriel, then Seraphim, Nimrod and finally the smallest and closest to Earth, Alcyone.
Planet Earth is the entity below, - it could also be you and me - receptive and ready to receive the blessings with humility.