The Sun In You

The Sun has always been a symbol of the higher Self, and this beautifully illustrated book shows how the Sun and the higher Self has light as common nature, and how light in its purest form is consciousness, life and love.  
It offers a meeting point between esoteric wisdom and modern physics: the truth that everything - the physical world, nature, the universe and ourselves - are made of photons, light.  
Light is at the core of our existence, whether we look at light from a scientific perspective or from an esoteric point of view where the presence of light is intimately linked to higher states of consciousness and enlightenment. 
It follows that light and the Sun - or rather ‘the Sun behind the sun’, the higher dimensions of the Sun - can be used as a spiritual development path. This is not a way of changing, it is a path of reconnecting. 
It is important to realise that this book does not understand the Sun as a “deity”; it is not at all about religion. We all agree that, from an ordinary, rational point of view, the Sun is an astronomical body that is the source of all life and light on our planet, but the great spiritual significance of the Sun is usually ignored. 
The book gives you a taste of modern physics’ understanding of light and its double nature and takes you through ancient myths such as the timeless myth about Osiris and the Greek myth about Aschlepius. It attempts to clarify the confusion that exists about the process called the second coming of Christ that is going on in the world today, and which hopefully will continue. 
The purpose is to show that an enlightened condition in all of us - our spiritual ‘blueprint’ that is embedded in the higher dimensions of the Sun - at different points in our history is seeking to make itself conscious and find expression in the collective. In our highest nature we are all much closer than we believe to the light and the Sun. 
The development path of the Sun gives you a very accessible path to your real nature, in stead of working with problems you work with light. It is a spiritual shortcut that facilitates expansion of light, vitality, love and consciousness and by that also an experience of your inherent relationship with the Sun and with cosmos. 
Included in the last section is a series of safe and powerful meditations on light combining the chakra system with the unique picture of the Sun, the portal to higher consciousness, the same as you see on the cover of the book.